West Facing Near and Above Treeline

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West Facing Near and Above Treeline
Williams Lake Area
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Tue, 12/17/2019 - 10:49
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United States
36° 34' 14.6064" N, 105° 25' 28.9092" W

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Went to check out west aspects near and above treeline. The cold clear night really helped dry out the surface snow. Not much has changed since we were last on these aspects and in this zone.  We have overall a shallower snowpack compared to North and East aspects at similar elevations.  We continue to find depth hoar on the ground with stiff slabs (1F to K) above the depth hoar.  This last storm was not enough weight to tip the balance on it's to step down to the ground.  


Photo 1: You can make out the avalanche debris from the backside of Kachina Peak that ran on Sunday as well as a flank in the middle avalanche path.

Photo 2: Winds were light to moderate out of the NW and was blowing snow only at ridgelines. 

Photo 3: An old crown on a west aspect in a very shallow snowpack in a cross loaded gully

Photo 4:  85 cm snowpack with 1 F to pencil hard slab over 2 - 3 mm depth hoar.  20 cm of new snow on top. ECTP 12 on the ground

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Sunny day with very cold temperatures to start the morning.  Warming throughout the day but still well below freezing.  NW winds were light to moderate at ridgelines where we did have snow transporting.