Storm Slabs Building

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Williams Lake Area
Williams Lake Area
Date and time of observation: 
Mon, 01/23/2017 - 14:10
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United States
36° 33' 45.2592" N, 105° 26' 31.7112" W

Red Flags: 
Recent avalanche activity
Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
Obvious avalanche path

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Snowpit Observations
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Winds were strong and swirling, but at ridgetops were out of the W and WSW. We picked up another .3" of Snow Water Equivalent primarily in the afternoon.  In the morning we had a freezing fog that made you wish you had 4 sets of Googles.  Winds are really ramping up with a max gust of 68 MPH and Current Winds at 6PM of 37 MPH all out of the WSW.  We saw a couple of large avalanches that were failing in old layers from the Thursday Wind Event that proceeded the storm.  Stability tests are indicating that this is still a problematic layer.  Storm slabs are growing with Strong winds and more snow today.  Depths ranged depending on aspect and elevation but averaged in the 3 to 4 range.  We suspect these could be bigger on N through E aspects below ridgetops!  A stiffening winds slab made breaking trail difficult for most of the day.  We have an Avalanche Watch up in anticipation of significant snowfall tonight and continued strong winds.  Please check back in the morning with Graham's Forecast.  

 Photo 1: Crown from an avalanche today.

Photo 2: Avalanche Debris

Video 1: Graham explaining the Storm Slab and Persistent Slab Problems that we are dealing with

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Storm slab w/ more snow and wind on the way. Dangerous avie conditions!

Storm slab w/ more snow and wind on the way. Dangerous avie conditions!

Weather Observations
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100% of the sky covered by clouds
Air temperature: 
Below Freezing
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Greater than 1 in. per hour
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