Scary Snowpit E side of Big T

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E Face Big T
Outside of the Forecast Area
Date and time of observation: 
Sat, 03/21/2020 - 08:30
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United States
35° 47' 4.3008" N, 105° 46' 52.6728" W

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Snowpit Observations
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Snowpit dug at 11900' on E facing slope below Tesuque Peak. 

Tests: CTM @60cm down SP - on 2-4mm Faces below crust (See photos)

This clear evidence of a persistent slab was enough for me stay clear of slopes >30 degrees outside the ski resort. Didn't bother with additional tests.


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Lots of People out touring in the resort. Snow was great with an additional 3-5" received yesterday. I considered trying to find some good lee slopes to ski, however, options under 30deg are limited and I found weak (fist hard) snow 60cm down with a decent slab (1F-4F)  this + a steep slope + trigger = avalanche, so we stuck to the skier compacted & controlled snow in the resort, it was fantastic! No signs of instability @ new old snow interface :)

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75% of the sky covered by clouds
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Below Freezing
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