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No Name Area
Williams Lake Area
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Mon, 01/30/2017 - 13:40
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United States
36° 32' 36.6504" N, 105° 25' 11.9928" W

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Another beautiful sunny day in the mountains today.  There is a major difference in temperatures in terms of aspect and elevation.  A North ridgetop at 12,800' had 10 to 15 MPH sustained winds and colder tempereatures.  Elevations even a 1000' lower, especially in the sun felt down right hot.  Lots of loose snow dry and wet avalanches on all apsects and eleavtions and I expect that trend to continue tomorrow with temperatures even warmer.  Graham's video really sums everything up in terms of the avalanche problems we are dealing with.  Loose Snow Dry and Wet avalanches are going to be the most obvious.  We are seeing wind slabs above treeline that we have included all aspects due to the swirling nature of our winds.  Winds today were out of the NW.  We still have the persistent slab buried at varying depths on our snowpack.  Lots of Surface Hoar and "recycled powder" can be found due to the extremes of the sun and temperatures during the day and cold clear nights.  Travel remains really good, although Glob Stopper or skin wax is highly recommended right now from the sticky snow in the sun and cold powder in the shade. Great to see all the tracks out there and people enjoying the nice weather and good powder. Enjoy the nice weather and stay safe out there!

Pic 1:  Winds in the alpine have scoured and formed wind slabs.

Pic 2: Wind Slab on N Aspect around 12,500'

Pic 3: Surface Hoar found at lower elevations which made for good skiing.

Vid 1: Graham talking about the Avalanche Problems 

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Sunny, warm, and windy

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