Weekly Beacon Problem at TSV

Event Date: 
03/16/2017 to 03/23/2017

Hey Gang here's the weekly beacon problem.  Same location as the one last week but we moved the beacon.  As this high pressure persists now is a great time to get out and practice your beacon skills before many of you get out for the spring backcountry ski season!

Point of last seen was on the Camino traverse out into the apron below Stauffenberg.  No need to dig up the beacon,  PROBE THE STRIKE THE BOARD!

I know in today's day in age with electronics a lot of us have them on us.  These electronics interfere with our transceivers.  Recommendations are that rescuers should keep avalanche transceivers a minimum of 20 cm from other electronics and metal objects in transmit mode and a minimum of 50 cm in search mode!