Beacon Practice Problem at TSV

Event Date: 
02/14/2017 to 02/21/2017

These Beacon Problems are only made possible with the help of Taos Ski Patrol.  They've provided us with beacons and the ability to put out problems for you guys.  They keep us all safe when we're riding inbounds so thank them for all they're hard work to keep safe and skiing the powder that we love to ski and ride.  

Here's the story; it's late April and it's a warm sunny day after a nice dump of spring snow.  You and your partner have been lapping West Basin runs, but the truck is at the Bavarian and the resort is closed for the year.  It's 2pm and you decide on one last run in Juarez to finish the day.  You are seeing snowballs and the snow surface is a bit slushy, so you think; "sweet, a corn run to end the day!".  Your partner drops in and on his fourth turn, the wet loose sluff he has started steps down and triggers a wet slab avalanche.  Oh crap!  He disappears in the debris as he hits the road below you.  Begin a beacon search and save your buddy!

 Probe Only and try to cover up your tracks.

Thanks to Chris Dahl-Bredine for the Photo.

If you have any questions about the Beacon Problem please contact us



Walkyries Bowl
United States
36° 34' 28.6572" N, 105° 27' 20.6496" W