ENE Aspect Near and Above Treeline

Location Name: 
ENE Aspect Near and Above Treeline
Williams Lake Area
Date and time of observation: 
Tue, 01/21/2020 - 13:04

Red Flags: 
Whumphing noises, shooting cracks, or collapsing
Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain

Observation made by: Forecaster
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Snowy day with about 3 to 4 inches of snow.  Continue to find persistent weak layers that are reactive in the mid-pack as well as closer to the ground. In this snowpit we found three different faceted weak layers of 1 to 2mm facets.  It appears as if this slope had avalanched during the natural avalanche cycle on Friday but had not stepped down into these deeper persistent weak layers. (See Video) The new snow felt heavy and dense compared to the lighter snow we are accustomed to down here in New Mexico.  We were getting loud audible collapses with shooting cracks throughout the day.

Photo 1: Shooting cracks from our ski tips during the storm on Tuesday

Snowpack photos: 
Weather Observations
Blowing Snow: 
Cloud Cover: 
100% of the sky covered by clouds
Air temperature: 
Below Freezing
Wind Speed: 
Air temperature trend: 
Wind Direction: 
Accumulation rate: 
Less than 1 in. per hour
More detailed information about the weather: 

Snow started at 6 AM by 3 PM we had about 3 to 4 inches of snow at 11,500'.  Winds were in the 20's at ridgelines out of the SW.  Temperatures at 9000' only got to 31 F and was snow througout the entire day.