Bull of the Woods Area

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Bull of the Woods Area
La Cal Basin or Lost Lake Area
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Thu, 01/12/2017 - 12:50
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United States
36° 36' 49.3488" N, 105° 25' 26.8248" W

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We toured up past Bull of the Woods to get to an East aspect.  We found a two foot soft slab from the last two storms that was sitting on a deteriorating crust with facets below (See Video).  At upper elevations we are seeing strong wind slabs that are 1 Finger to Ice in hardness that is supportable and insulating some of our weaker layers.  We choose an area where we had a 2' soft slab to see how reactive some of our persistent slabs are.  What we found was a facet crust combo where we have a crust that formed last Thursday.  We've seen this layer in a lot of areas but we're finally in an area that wasn't capped with a harder slab making it a lot easier to influence that weak layer.  Stability tests indicated that this layer is still reactive with clean shears and full propagation (See Pit).  We are seeing a lot of spatial variability with our snowpack right now so take the time to dig a quick pit and see what you are dealing with.  

Warm temps today with roller balls at lower elevations on southerly aspects.  Winds remained moderate today out of the W.  As Graham wrote this morning, we are in a little lull before a forecasted active week of snow.  We are seeing a little bit of everything out there right now, and if we get the snow that is forecasted, I suspect we'll be seeing avalanches running on several different weak layers.  

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